Certain words and statements in this communication concerning Insaf Media Pvt Ltd (“the Company”) and its prospects, and other statements relating to the Company’s expected financial position, business strategy, the future development of the Company’s operations and the general economy in India & global markets, are forward looking statements.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The movie and News Channels or we can say film industry is the fastest growing and exciting business in the world. Even a single Bollywood film can approach over billions. Movies are not only the form of entertainment, but the film the Investment in Bollywood and News Channels is now becoming recognized as a highly lucrative and profitable investment sector.

         Insaf Media Bollywood and News investments is an initiative by Insaf Media. Films Media & Entertainment to drive investments into Bollywood projects in various stages of announcement, production or completion. Insaf Media will promote Investments in Bollywood projects produced, marketed & managed by Insaf Media as well as specially selected external projects. The Bollywood investments will seek to deliver superior returns by providing it’s investors with unique access to the fastest growing entertainment and media economy in the world. News Channel is the best view of publicity and promoted.

             Insaf Media making and release new films in Bollywood with all experience in film making and releasing. We have all cast and director for new movies and serials and now we focus on new films in Bollywood with all latest trends and now its big opportunity for peoples who want to invest in films. All films coming will show all plans first and after we make investment agreement, after we start everything with 100% transparency between film maker and investor.                                                                                       Investors can invest in part or full value of the total cost of a Bollywood project being promoted by us. Thus becoming the owner/ co-owner for all intellectual property for the said project. Insaf Media would hold a 30% stake in all projects being promoted by it. Insaf Media will assist in monitoring the production, completion, sale of rights, marketing & release of the Bollywood projects being promoted. We are honest transparent, hardworking and we have complete knowledge of film from script writing to production, post production dubbing marketing and releasing in theatre.